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28 Sep – 17 Dec 23

Trevor Yeung

Gasworks presents the first UK solo exhibition by Hong Kong-based artist Trevor Yeung. In his carefully staged installations, the lives of plants and animals become a medium to subtly address notions of control and normativity within human social relations. More


25 May – 10 Sep 23

Kent Chan

Gasworks presents the first UK solo exhibition by Amsterdam-based Singaporean artist Kent Chan, whose work pushes real-world observations of climate change towards the fictional scenario of a future global tropic.  More


2 Feb – 30 Apr 23

Ingela Ihrman: Nocturne

Gasworks presents the first London solo exhibition by Malmö-based artist Ingela Ihrman, whose practice nurtures empathy, tenderness and a sense of wonder for mundane life forms such as invasive weeds, intestinal flora, extinct amphibians and nocturnal birds. More


6 Oct – 18 Dec 22

Ufuoma Essi: Is My Living in Vain

Essi's new film commission is a meditation on the emancipatory potential of the Black church as a space of belonging, affirmation and community organising. More


7 Jul – 18 Sep 22

Lou Lou Sainsbury: Earth is a Deadname

Sainsbury's new exhibition reimagines transgender experience beyond the language of medicalisation, rewriting its histories into a cosmic poetics of trans sensuality, relation and desire. More


14 Apr – 19 Jun 22

Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen: Buoyancy

A durational performance in which visitors can see the artist carving the giant wooden skeleton of an extinct sea cow in the gallery and watch it take shape over a period of weeks.  More


21 Jul – 19 Sep 21

Bassam Al-Sabah: I AM ERROR

Gasworks presents the first solo exhibition in London by the Belfast-based artist. His work embraces the shape-shifting potential of computer-animated worlds, creating fantasy dreamscapes in which personal mythology, historical trauma and queer possibility intersect. More


19 May – 4 Jul 21

Mercedes Azpilicueta: Bondage of Passions

Tapestries and fabric sculptures imagine the life of Catalina de Erauso, a 17th Century nun who joined the Spanish colonial army and lived as a man. More


1 Oct – 20 Dec 20

Eduardo Navarro: (breathspace)

Navarro's first UK solo show (breathspace) can be viewed via a video tour lead by the artist's proxy, Self-Doll. More


18 May – 5 Jul 20

Gasworks Online Screenings: May - June

Online screenings of works by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Patricia Domínguez, and Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, accompanied by interviews with the artists, texts and reviews. More


9 Apr – 17 May 20

Gasworks Online Screenings: April and May

Works by Monira Al Qadiri. Louis Henderson & Filipa César, and Maryam Jafri will be available to stream on Gasworks’ website for one week. Each screening and is accompanied by interviews with the artists, audio lectures and reviews. More


23 Jan – 22 Mar 20

Lauren Gault: C I T H R A

The first solo exhibition in London by Glasgow-based artist Lauren Gault. Experimenting with unorthodox techniques and manufacturing processes, Gault's work confronts the ethical, political and emotional implications of human interactions with the environment. More


20 Sep – 16 Dec 18

James N. Kienitz Wilkins: Hearsays

Gasworks presents Hearsays, the first solo exhibition and a major new commission by Brooklyn-based artist and filmmaker James N. Kienitz Wilkins. More


12 Apr – 10 Jun 18

Osías Yanov: Orphan Dance

The first UK solo exhibition and a major new commission by Buenos Aires-based artist Osías Yanov. The exhibition transforms the gallery into a ritual space in which to reimagine the relationships between humans and machines.   More


25 Jan – 18 Mar 18

Rachal Bradley: Interlocutor

A major new commission by Nottingham-based artist Rachal Bradley which includes a prosthesis-like intervention on Gasworks' exterior walls, transforming the organisation into a negative ion generator. More