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27 Nov 22 – 9 Feb 23

Rameesha Azeem

Rameesha Azeem works across sculpture, installation and drawing to explore the boundaries between the individual and social body. She draws inspiration from clinical … More

9 Jan – 27 Mar 23

Lesley-Anne Cao

Lesley-Anne Cao’s practice explores the interplay of materiality, fiction and exhibition making. Cao works with personal and collective archives, often together with collaborators … More

9 Jan – 27 Mar 23

Ivy Brandie Chemutai Ng’ok

Ivy Brandie Chemutai Ng’ok’s paintings explore intimacy and its relations to power, focussing on the body and corporeality. Influenced by magical realism and … More

9 Jan – 27 Mar 23

Christian Salablanca Diaz

Christian Salablanca Diaz's work is influenced by myths and narratives that arise from family encounters with atavistic objects and stories. He is interested … More

9 Jan – 27 Mar 23

Francis Offman

Francis Offman's canvases are abstract, fragmented compositions punctuated by the insertion of scraps of paper salvaged from bread wrappers or shoeboxes. Offman is … More

Forthcoming Residencies

11 Apr – 26 Jun 23

Cheong See Min

Cheong See Min’s practice questions the relationship between human nature and the tropics. More

11 Apr – 26 Jun 23

Clara Esborraz

Clara Esborraz's practice departs from drawing as a tool for self-exploration. She also produces performances which involve herself and other collaborators, exploring gender … More

11 Apr – 26 Jun 23

Blanca Gracia

Blanca Gracia's work uses myths, folklore and popular culture to construct new cosmologies that seek to address various contemporary socio-political and philosophical issues. … More

11 Apr – 26 Jun 23

Agrade Camíz

Agrade Camíz draws from visual culture of Brazilian favelas, blending personal and common elements from these suburban territories. Her work engages with the … More

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3 Oct – 19 Dec 22

Santiago Contreras Soux

Santiago Contreras Soux is interested in the intersection of art and architecture. His … More

3 Oct – 19 Dec 22

Ravelle Pillay

Ravelle Pillay’s practice is concerned with the legacy of colonialism and its subsequent … More

3 Oct – 19 Dec 22

Campbell Patterson

Campbell Patterson works across painting, printmaking, writing, video, sculpture and performance to communicate … More

3 Oct – 19 Dec 22

Valentina Soto

Valentina Soto’s work looks at the political and aesthetic categories of the “natural” … More