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Lina Hermsdorf, Antonia, 2017. Installation view of Immortalismus, Kunstverein Freiburg. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Marc Doradzillo

Lina Hermsdorf, A Biologically Immortal Living Being Can Still Die, 2016. Performance, 60min. Performer: Henry Babbage. Courtesy of Block Universe. Photo: Arron Leppard

Lina Hermsdorf, Vantage Point, Episode I, 2017. Performance, durational. Performer: Casper-Malte Augusta. Courtesy of Künstlerhaus Bremen.

Lina Hermsdorf, As If Sand Had Been Sprinkled Into Them, 2016. Installation view, Salon Kennedy, Frankfurt. Courtesy of the artist.

Lina Hermsdorf, Vantage Point, State 0, 2017. Documentation of performance at Flat Time House. Performer: Emmy Beber. Photo: Andrew Magurran

Often mediated through lecture performances or text-based installations, Lina Hermsdorf’s works respond to the specific site, the architectural setting and the performer she collaborates with. Her portraits and narrative threads explore the way power structures, technology, and biology affect each other to shape our emotional surrounding.

Lina completed a residency at Gasworks in 2016.