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Sriwhana Spong, a hook but no fish, installation view, 2017. Courtesy the artist, Michael Lett, Pump House Gallery. Photo: Damian Griffiths

Sriwhana Spong, Performance of Tasseography of a Rat's Nest (extended), 2018. Instrument B (Vivian), 2016. Courtesy the artist and Michael Lett, Auckland; Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth. Photo: Samuel Hartnett.

Sriwhana Spong, Villa America, 2012. Silk dyed in Fanta. 1600 x 463 cm. Courtesy the artist, Michael Lett, Auckland; ICA Singapore.

Sriwhana Spong is interested in the fertile margins and rich edges where things meet and spill-over, playing in the crevices of culturally inscribed boundaries through the exploration of various mediums in conversation with each other: film, writing, performance, dance, music, and sculpture.

Sriwhana completed a residency at Gasworks in 2016. 

Sriwhana Spong has produced a beautiful limited edition of silk dyed in Fanta titled Pulmonary Aspiration, exclusively for Gasworks. Available from our shop.