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32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust is a centre for the creation and exploration of contemporary Ugandan art. Based in the countries capital, Kampala, 32º East aims to provide the arts community with the information, resources and exposure needed to raise the profile of Ugandan Art to a national and international level.

Key to the success of 32º East is the formation of partnerships. The centre works with a number of key organisations to ensure the longevity and sustainability of a thriving Ugandan art scene. 32º East’s projects include an education programme which organises regular discussions addressing topical issues concerning the artistic community with the programmes partner Fas Fas Art. In addition 32º East host regular skills workshops, encouraging innovative practice and exploration.

Alongside these projects, the centre’s programme of exhibitions is critical towards its sustainability. Exhibiting artists and curators have the opportunity to execute their own shows from start to finish with space to express themselves whilst developing a diverse range of skills including curating, presentation and marketing.

32º East are forging a national and international exchange programme, with primary connections being made within Uganda and East Africa, in order to support and encourage a strong East African network. Curators, artists and arts managers will benefit from the exchange and each participant will either run a workshop or present a talk or project, both within the duration of their visit and to their home audience.

Visit 32º East's website to read more about their upcoming activates and to sign up to their mailing list.