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The Bag Factory, established in 1991 includes 18 artists studios and a gallery space and is situated on the Western edge of  Johannesburg and prides itself in being one the first collective studio spaces for visual arts in South Africa.

The Bag Factory focuses on developing a programme that stands for inclusion and diversity, built on an ethic of open access. The space was initially set up to provide studios for artists – mainly black artists, who, at the time of it's inception, had little access to networks and resources in order to build their careers. The Bag Factory describes itself as having 'held it’s downtown ground in the rapidly evolving metropolis of Johannesburg by rising daringly to the moment’s headline...the gritty vitality of its urban context impacting powerfully on the work of the artists'.

The Bag Factory's residency programme enables artists to spend time working in Johannesburg, connecting with local artists. At the end of their residencies, resident artists host an open studios event and a public exhibition. Artists from Sao Paulo, Nairobi, Zurich, Delhi and Montreal have previously participated.

Their diverse programme includes regular exhibitions, and a lively schedule of workshop and outreach projects.

Visit Bag Factory's website for more information on the organisation and their programme and events, profiles of current and past studio artists and resident artist alumni, as well as information on how to apply for studios/future residencies.