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Batroun Projects is an open conversation on the potentiality of place. Batroun Projects is a three-floor 800 m2 villa located on the coast of Batroun, in Northern Lebanon, providing a rare site of production outside the dominant configuration of the city. Located between Tripoli and Beirut, Batroun Projects acts as a node connecting local, regional, and international cultural producers to a rich and dynamic context.

Batroun Projects is an investigational hub of art production, following a broad and non-proscriptive definition of what forms this production may take.

Batroun Projects is a platform for dialogue, exchange and collaboration with individuals, other collectives and institutions, seeking to challenge conceptions of what an art and cultural space should be, and probe what such a space can do.

Batroun Projects is a space that extends definitions and expectations of art to incorporating wider reflections on self organization, operating as a platform to display both art practice and the alternative processes and activities around the facilitation of cultural events.

Through public events, exhibitions, film screenings, a library, residency and meeting spaces Batroun Projects will support artists, scholars, film makers, and cultural producers by providing a platform to showcase innovative and significant work.

Each project undertaken by Batroun Projects intends to instigate new collaborations, building new networks and new relationships, both across disciplinary spheres, as well as locally, regionally, and internationally. These collaborations will be organized so as to engender durational overlaps between the beginning of one project and the end of another. Batroun Project’s artistic program is constructed around a series of previously unrealized overlapping concerns and interests between individual and groups interested in working within a collaborative and critically engaged context.

As a new space Batroun Projects wishes to facilitate projects that will leave a residue of their infrastructure, allowing the space to grow out of its commissions, where each project enables further possibilities for the next.