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Bergen Ateliergruppe (BAG) is an artist run studio collective established in 2009 and based in a harbourside building in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway.

BAG is initiated by emerging artists and offers studios to professional visual artists and others working within contemporary art. The studio collective is an active professional environment that contributes to the local contemporary art discussion through workshops, talks and seminars. BAG houses 15 studios and a project space.

BAG Art Camp is an international workshop for artists of all disciplines, that will be held for the first time in May/June 2012, initiated and organized by current BAG members.

The main focus of BAG Art Camp is to explore and exchange ideas on self-organised artist run practices, as well as creating opportunities for individual and collective production and presentation outside of the traditional art institutions.

Visit BAG Art Camps website for more information on the workshop, to download an example of an application form and to check for information updates on future workshops.