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Capacete established it's first residency programme in 1997 in the Flamengo area of Rio de Janeiro to be followed and expanded, in 2000, to include another residency in Santa Teresa.

Capacete's activities form part of a long term interdisciplinary presence in Rio de Janeiro, aiming to research and document aesthetic, social and political processes in Brazil. Capacete responds to the historic, urban, topographic, enviromental and social context of Rio de Janeiro and is  primarily interested in the space that exists between the art gallery and the city in the multiple manifestations of its urban history.

The organisation offers an international residency programme for both visual artists and writers. Capacete aims to integrate the visiting artist into the local artist community and helps him/her with logistical aspects of his/her project.

Visit Capacete's website (available in Portugeuse and English) to read further information about the organisation, it's past residencies and to sign up to their newsletter regarding future residencies and projects.