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CONA is an artist–run initiative based on the edge of Mumbai, India, hosting exhibitions, residencies and events and acting as a resource centre for artists and creative professionals. CONA aims to create a catalytic venue for students, artists, designers, and professionals to come together, facilitating discourse and creative action.

CONA- meaning corner, edge, periphery, or, as a verb, a place to gather- is located on the edge, not only of Mumbai but also of the visual arts. However CONA attempts to avoid being labelled as an alternative visual arts space or as simply a project space but instead engages in a very flexible and responsive way with its location, people, situations, events and ideas. The fluidity of the space prepares the ground for the exchange and nurturing of ideas, inducing active, voluntary and collective participation and engages in the mundane or rather brings to light the creative in the mundane.

CONA are situated in a residential area in North Mumbai, but also an area densely populated with arts practitioners. They host national and international residencies, talks, discussions and screenings, professional development programmes for creative practitioners. They are also developing an archive and library documenting activity at CONA and creating a resource for artists. CONA projects will also be recorded in the form of publications.

Visit CONA’s blog site to read more about their upcoming activities.