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G.A.S Foundation is the non-profit delivery arm in Nigeria of the Yinka Shonibare Foundation. It hosts and facilitates cultural exchange whilst supporting the development of creative practices through residencies and international collaborations. 

G.A.S. Foundation contributes to the evolution of individual artistic and research endeavours, leading the way for experimentation and growth in the field of contemporary art, design, architecture, environmental and curatorial practices. It also provides a platform for cultural exchange between African artists and artists from all corners of the globe.  

Located in Lagos, one of the most enterprising and energetic cities in the world, G.A.S. Foundation will host a cultural exchange where international artists inhabit Lagos city and a rural farm in Ogun State, alongside their African peers. 

The hope is that by engaging in an international, multi-disciplinary dialogue, new critical theories and visual languages can emerge, fostering conversations with artists from the African continent.  

Visit G.A.S for more information on their current and future programme.