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Kimberley, the first Western Australia International Artists' Workshop was held at Birdwood Down Station, Derby, about 1500 miles north of Perth. Amongst the 18 artists at the workshop, 8 were from Botswana, UK, Thailand and Indonesia and the remainder were from Australia. It was the first workshop linked to the Triangle network to take place in Australia.

The machinery sheds and stores at the station became working spaces. Although paint, canvas and clay were provided, most of the artists worked with locally available materials and made great use of natural vegetation. The exchange of ideas and practice between artists from different parts of Australia was as interesting and valuable as the exchange between artists from different parts of the world. Communication between San artists from Botswana and Aboriginal artists from the Kimberleys was of particular interest.

The major sponsor of the workshop was The Australia Council for the Arts.

During the Open Day at the end of the workshop, many from the local farming community and the Mowanjum aboriginal community visited. Activities involving the audience included clay modelling for children and music and dance led by the artists. Hew Locke from UK, generously offered his work to the local museum in Derby. Artists each donated one piece of work to be sold or given to sponsors to help with the workshop finances.