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The first Km0 International Artists’ Workshop took place at Las Barreras near Santa Cruz, from 18th November to 2nd December 2001. 14 artists from Bolivia and 10 international artists participated in the workshop which was organised by a Working Group of local artists, assisted by Triangle Arts Trust and coordinated by Raquel Schwartz and Cecilia Baya. Raquel had attended the La Llama Workshop in Venezuela the previous year from which she developed the concept of Km0, the first event of its kind in Bolivia.

Towards the end of the workshop a round table discussion opened to the public, chaired by Gerardo Mosquera, in Santa Cruz. The Open Day attracted an enthusiastic audience of around 350 people, and the workshop attracted extensive coverage in the local and national press and on television. Km0 was funded by Hivos of the Netherlands and supported by many local groups and individuals.

The second workshop, again led by Raquel Schwartz, took place from 14th - 28th November 2005 and was conceived as an 'urbano' workshop - its base and concept centred around Santa Cruz and the urban context. The working group was made up of Cecilia Baya, Roberto Unterlaesttaer, and Alfredo Roman. The workshop saw the formation of the art pop-punk group 'Miss Magenta', who appeared on television and local papers. This was one among many performances that took place at various locations including Santa Cruz' Museo de Arta Contemporaneo.