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La Llama workshop was co-ordinated by Luis Romero, who was also founder and editor of Pulgar, and artists editorial.

La Llama International Artists’ Workshop took place at la Hacienda Tácata, Arriba near Caracas. 20 artists participated, half of whom were Venezuelan and the others from countries of the region and beyond. La Llama was started by Luis Romero, who was at Shave Workshop in 1995 and a Working Group of Venezuelan artists including Joel Casique, Carola Bravo and Marylee Coll. Triangle Network supported the organisation of the workshop, particularly, in relation to artists coming from outside Venezuela.

In 2001, La Llama Foundation organised residencies for Che Lovelace (Trinidad), Inti Hernandez (Cuba), Clementine Martinez (Venezuela) and Emilia Azcarate (Venezuela). This programme has been developed in subsequent years to include artists from Latin America and the Caribbean. In total, La Llama has organised 25 residencies in Caracas and has sent seven artists from Venezuela to workshops and residencies that are part of the Triangle Network. In 2006 Romero opened an alternative exhibition space, Oficina #1, with Suwon Lee.