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Makan is an independent not-for-profit space for contemporary art. It was established in 2003 in Amman, Jordan to encourage experimentation in both art concepts and production. It is a liberal space providing an alternative to the formal, commercial institutions. Makan aims to be a relaxed and flexible venue where artists meet, ideas are generated and projects can be developed and realised. Projects here generally have a focus on social issues and art in the public sphere.

Makan cooperates with artists and has an open door to new ideas and initiatives; it works towards creating links between the local art scene and the region as well as internationally, whilst also connecting with existing networks of artists and art spaces.

Makan regularly organise workshops and host exhibitions, film screenings, performances and music concerts alongside an artist exchange and residency programme. The Makan premises includes studio space, workshops and meeting areas, but Makan's programme also includes off-site projects- such as the Shatana Workshop , an artist led International workshop held in the village of Shatana north of Jordan.

Makan is currently not programming activities. Visit Makan's website to view their archive of past projects.