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Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute (NCAI) in Kenya, is a non-profit visual art space dedicated to the growth and preservation of contemporary art in East Africa.
Established in 2020, NCAI builds on a rich legacy of art projects and institutions in the region. NCAI seek to tell the stories of the artists and projects that have come to shape the region's contemporary art scene.

Through exhibitions, the development of an East African art archive, an extensive public program of talks and a multidisciplinary educational program, NCAI serves as a hub and a resource for the thriving East African art community and an inspiring cultural space for our audiences. 

Through partnerships, including those with Triangle Network, NCAI OFFSITE offers residencies to both local and international artists in Kenya.

NCAI also hosts The Gathering, an artist's forum that offers African artists and art practitioners (local and diaspora) a chance to interact with each other outside of an institutional or commercial context.

Visit NCAI’s website for more information on their current and future programme.