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No.1 Shanthi Road is an artist led initiative in the heart of Bangalore.  As well as No.1 Shanthi Road's art space the premises includes a small library of contemporary art, independent living spaces, kitchen, broadband internet access, which aims to create a conducive atmosphere for community living.

No.1 Shanthi Road seeks to nurture creativity and cutting edge art practice. the organisation prides itself in being open and welcoming to artists and has been a venue for dialogue, debate and an incubator for contemporary art experimentation that focuses on process. The Residency Programme at No.1 Shanthi Road provides artists with an opportunity to interact, experiment and utilise local materials to extend their visual language. Bangalore itself offers diverse inspiration as an eclectic and cosmopolitan city.

No.1 Shanthi Road's website includes further information about the organisation and its programme, a gallery of images from past exhibitions and residencies and details on future opportunities- they also have a blog which is regularly updated and includes arts news and events from all over Bangalore.