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Organhaus Art Space is an independent art organisation set up by artists and curators. Located in the 501 Art Warehouse, in Chongqing, the premises has nearly 200m² of studio and exhibition space alongside the accommodation for its resident artists.

Organhaus exists primarily for young and experimental multi-media artists with a focus on the urbanisation of China and the progress of artistic cooperatives globally. The organisation describes itself as being dedicated  to the further exploration of experimental and multi-media art- within the rapidly developing atmosphere of China, Organhaus aim to give energy and practical experience to contemporary Chinese artists- facilitating the cutting edge practice and international cultural exchange through their residency programme.

Organhaus provide studio space for young artists, run a studio-exchange programme and host regular exhibitions- their website has listings of previous exhibitions and  has photos of the Organhaus space and surrounding area. However, there is limited information available in English, so e-mail for more information.