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Shatana International Artists' Workshop, in association with Makan Art Space, was initiated by visual artists Oraib Toukan, Samah Hijawi, Diala Khasawnih in collaboration with Ola Khalidi and held in the village of Shatana north of Jordan. It was held for the first time in the summer of 2007.

The workshop is part of the Triangle Arts Trust web of workshops and follows the model which was started in 1982 as artist lead workshops. The workshop invites mid-career artists to spend two weeks in the village encouraging exchange and experimentation; it is process oriented and site specific work with a focus on contemporary forms that react to the experience. The workshop ends with an open day inviting the public to meet the artists, see the works in progress spread in the village and to celebrate the experience.

After three years of successful workshops, Shatana's core team decided, in 2010, to have some time off from organising the workshop- but interested parties are advised to keep checking Shatana's page on the Makan website for future announcements!