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The Soroa International Artists’ Workshop took place for 2 weeks from the 8th to the 22nd May, 1997 at Soroa, a rural area in the province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. 19 artists from 10 different countries in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe were invited to participate. Soroa was supported by the Wifredo Lam Centre in Havana, Hivos in the Netherlands, the Triangle Arts Trust in London and the Gate Foundation in Amsterdam. Eduardo Ponjuán was the co-ordinator, and the participants were invited by the Triangle Arts Trust and the Wifredo Lam Centre. Soroa took place in the last week of the Biennale, and included some of the artists showing there.

The rural setting of Soroa was well adapted to accomplish the aim of Soroa Workshop set by the Wifredo Lam Centre. That was, ‘to encourage the artists site specific work in the ecological environment and the use of found materials’. Artists adapted to the situation in the inspiring atmosphere of Soroa and produced work using locally available materials, much of which was imaginative and experimental.

The principal source of funding for the Soroa Workshop was Hivos, working in close collaboration with the Wilfredo Lam Centre and the Triangle Arts Trust.

The Soroa Workshop broke new ground in Cuba being the first time that international artists worked with so many Cuban artists in a residential setting in Cuba itself. After Soroa, many Cuban artists attended residencies and workshops of the Triangle Network including: Tania Bruguera (Gasworks Residency 1995, and Khoj, 2000) and Fernando Rodriguez, (Gasworks Residency 1995), Esterio Segura (Gasworks Residency 1996), Carlos Estevez (Gasworks Residency 1997), Luis Gomez (Khoj, 1997) , Tonel (Big River, 1999) , Rene Francisco (Big River, 1999), Sandra Ramos (Gasworks Residency, 1999), Wilfredo Prieto (Watamula, 2000), Glenda Leon (Dingo Flats, 2001), Jose Angel Vincench (Bag Factory, 2000), Alexander Guerra Hurtado (Madinina, 2002), and Inti Hernandez (Big River, 2001) and Gasworks Residency Programme (2003).