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Thupelo's first workshop took place in 1985 in Johannesburg. The workshop then moved to Cape Town where the first International Artists' Workshop was held in 1995. Thupelo then returned to Johannesburg where Triangle partner, Bag Factory hosted the 2012 workshop.Following the success of the Thupelo workshops, Thupelo Cape Town established Greatmore Studios, a facility that provides long-term studio space for local artists and three-month residencies for visiting artists from elsewhere in South Africa, Africa and abroad. In September 2016 and 2017, Thupelo hosted the international artists' workshops at Greatmore Studios. 

Over 200 artists from all over Africa and other parts of the world have participated in Thupelo's various annual workshops. Thupelo workshops are not only a space for artists to make art; they are also a space for the exchange of ideas, experiences, techniques and disciplines. Thupelo seeks to create the conditions in which artists are able to experiment and to find new or different forms of expression- the interaction between artists from diverse cultural, national and social backgrounds provides the workshops with a creative energy that, in turn, influences the work of participating artists.

For more information on Thupelo, please visit their website