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Ujamaa International Artists’ Workshops were held during 1991 and 1992, the first at Wimbe Beach near Pemba in the North of Mozambique, and the second in a disused garage in Maputo. These workshops were the first of their kind to be held in Mozambique involving international artists.

In total 45 artists participated, many from other parts of Africa. The workshop was organised by a Working Group including Noel Langa, Victor Sousa and Fatima Fernandes.

The decision to hold the second workshop in Maputo was determined by the escalating war that was taking place between Renamo supported by South Africa and Frelimo. Artists were not able to leave the city boundaries and the sound of gunfire was a background to proceedings. Education and outreach activities included student visits and seminars.

At the end of both workshops, the work was exhibited at the Brazilian Cultural Centre in Maputo. At the 1992 exhibition Reinata Sadhimba (Mozambique) did a performance and led the audience in participating in a dance through the streets.

In 1997 the Gate Foundation, under its then Director Els van der Plas, organised another workshop called Ujamaa at the Nucleo de Arte in Maputo including artists from South Africa with Andreas Botha from the University of Durban Art Department taking a prominent role.