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Miro Craemer (Germany), resident artist at Vasl, with his mobile installation Cord of Desires at Empress Market, Karachi for the project Urbanities - Art and Public Space in Pakistan in collaboration with Goethe Institut-Pakistan, 2016

Installation by Baqer Ahmadi (Afghanistan), resident artist at Vasl, at the Nusserwanjee Park, IVS, Karachi for the Open Show of Regional Green Dialogues, Taaza Tareen Residency 2017

Sebastian Schmidt (Germany), resident artist at Vasl, working on his graffiti mural Welcome to Karachi at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, 2016

Stephen Sheehan (UK), resident artist at Vasl for the Karachi Biennale, working on his film for the KB17, 2017

Michael Esson (Australia), hosted by Vasl, conducting 'The Art of Reconstruction' workshop for plastic surgeons at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, 2018

Wei Leng Tay (Singapore), resident at Vasl, conducting a photography workshop at the Orangi Pilot Project RTI, Karachi with students from schools around Orangi, 2017

Emaan Mahmud (Pakistan) conducting a workshop at the Orangi Pilot Project RTI, Karachi for the Takhleeqi Salahiyat Workshop series conceptualized by Adeela Suleman for the OPP, 2017

Iftikhar Daddi & William Glover (USA) conducting the Faculty Mentoring Workshop 2017 at the IVS Gallery, Karachi, organized by Vasl Artists' Association

Participants during the Silent Dinner Party by Honi Ryan, a participatory performance project, hosted by Vasl in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, Pakistan, 2017

A glimpse of the 1st Volume of Conversations with Contemporary Pakistani Artists, a publication by Vasl Artists' Association, 2017

Rooftop Talk Series: Artists Aamir Habib, Seema Nusrat, Seher Naveed & Madiha Hyder in conversation with Veera Rustomji at a Vasl Rooftop Talk, 2017

Vasl is an artist-led organisation established in 1999, in Karachi,  as a platform for dynamic Pakistani art and contemporary Pakistani artists and as a space to host artists' workshops and residencies.

Vasl began as an idea discussed amongst a few artists in 1999. The group dreamt of a platform for dynamic Pakistani art and contemporary Pakistani artists. With the help of Triangle Network they committed themselves to creating spaces for exchange of ideas through our residencies and workshops.

Vasl is the first art organisation of its kind in Pakistan and has, since it's conception, grown rapidly in size and in popularity, aiding countless artists with the development of both their work and careers and contributing greatly to the art community in Karachi. By introducing the idea of local residencies and hosting international residencies, local Pakistani artists have the opportunity to interact with foreign artists from all over the world.

As well as it's local and international residency programme and community outreach workshops, Vasl also hosts a multitude of artists talks, events, study groups and other projects- information on all of these, and on Vasl's exciting plans to expand in the near future, is available on their website. There is also access to their study blog, a vast number of artist profiles, and a number of written essays available to download.

Vasl is now also extending to Lahore and Islamabad and will now be hosting the International Pilot Residency in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. By being an active part of its local Pakistani community Vasl hopes to assimilate the art scene as an integral part of the society.