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Two Xayamaca Workshops took place at Crystal Springs, Buff Bay, and Portland, in 1993, and between 25th June - 9th July 1995. They were set up with the help of the Triangle Arts Trust and were co-ordinated by Laura Hamilton, who had been to the Ujamaa Workshop in Mozambique in 1992. Deryck Roberts, a board member of the National Gallery, was an active supporter.

At the end of the two workshops the Open Day at Crystal springs attracted more than 400 people on each occasion. After the workshops, exhibitions were held in Kingston, at 22-28 Port Royal Street (1993) and Richmond Great House (1995). These exhibitions in Kingston enabled the work to be seen by a very wide audience and together with the publicity in the local press and on radio, contributed to raising the profile of the artists and their work in Jamaica.

Xayamaca was entirely funded by local firms and individuals in Jamaica and each artist gave a work that was either presented to the sponsors or sold for the workshop.