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Between July and September 2018 UK-based artist Alicia Reyes McNamara will travel to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia as part of the Triangle Fellowship Programme at Kiosko Galeria.

Alicia's work deals with issues of displacement, particularly within a double diaspora. It aims to challenge incomplete identities constructed by two-dimensional ideas of Latinx culture, while acknowledging the absurdity, and at times vulgarity, in the projected images found within the media’s exaggerated caricatures and telenovela kitsch. She has adopted a cartoon-like aesthetic for its approachability to convey difficult subject matter and make it appear light, at times humorous, and all the more revealing. She is interested in the changing identity of the Latinx diaspora and how authenticity is being negotiated.

Alicia completed her MFA at University of Oxford Ruskin School of Art in 2016. Her work has been included in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016 exhibition at the Bluecoat in Liverpool and later at London’s Institute of Contemporary Art. She was awarded the South London Gallery Graduate Residency 2016-17 and her exhibition ‘Nowhere Else’ was exhibited in the first floor galleries in spring 2017. She was recently awarded the 2017 Peer Forum opportunity at Camden Arts Centre. She has also been invited to be a part of 2018 Communal Knowledge at The Showroom. 

About Kiosko Galeria

Kiosko Galeria is an independent artist led space, established in 2006, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Kiosko seeks to disseminate and promote contemporary art in Santa Cruz. They operate, alongside Estduios, a space and platform for both national and international art, design and editorial work through its International Residency Programme for artists and curators (the first of it's kind in Bolivia). To date Kiosko have hosted over 100 exhibitions, 30 residencies and numerous events and workshops.

Alicia Reyes McNamara writes about her experiences during her residency:

During my residency at Kiosko Galería in Bolivia, through Triangle Network and Gasworks, I investigated ideas of language and how one can exist within modes and registers of how one speaks. While reading Bolivian theorist, Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, I became aware of the word Inasa, which is an Aymara word that means “that which is and is not” at the same time. This inspired my explorations in non-binary language through readings, audio, and experiments. I created sculpture of the inclusive word, Inasa, to explore spaces where identity is fluid and where cultures, gender, and language converge.

To find out more about Alicia's work, visit her website here.