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From February - May 2021 Tila Likunzi (Angola) undertook a fully-funded residency at the Bag Factory, Johannesburg. This residency is part of Art Connection Africa, a cooperation of KfW Stiftung and Triangle Network to foster visual art exchanges, capacity building and informal learning activities within Sub-Sahara Africa.

Tila Likunzi is an independent art curator and researcher since 2017, based in Luanda, Angola. She worked for many years as a translator, interpreter, proof-reader and copywriter before working in the arts. In addition to curating Angolan contemporary art both independently and for Jahmek Contemporary Art, she closely follows ideological currents of African origin and descent and is dedicated to the independent study of contemporary African philosophy and theology, looking into the art and thinking behind Angolan rituals, customs and religious beliefs. She is a co-founder of Lugânzi – The Living Archive.

Her research at the Bag Factory focused on contemporary African photography and photographers. During the residency she produced a digital publication called 'TOWARDS A CITY: relations in inner-city Johannesburg and Luanda’ that is an "experiment both in connecting and sharing visual and sensual knowledge of both cities".

TOWARDS A CITY: relations in inner-city Johannesburg and Luanda