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Bonnie Camplin and Enrico David joined Cuban artists Analía Amaya and Humberto Díaz in November 2005, based at the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes, San Alejandro.

Bonnie Camplin made a work called Colonial Fanny, a work which uses her particular ability to tell stories, while combining a commentary on her own culture with her encounter with Havana. In Colonial Fanny, Camplin 'transvestites' her body, mourns an absence to simulate a non-existent presence, assumes a 'higher self' and metaphorically, within the almighty reign of her mind, colonizes a city that barely belongs to her. (Chaliang Merino, 2005 Batiscafo catalogue essay)

About Batiscafo
Batiscafo is an independent artistic project that develops a programme of one-month residencies with the objective of stimulating dialogue between visiting and Cuban artists. Launched in 2002, the programme of residencies intends to provide local artists with the opportunity to meet and to work alongside its international guests.

Each residency ends with an exhibition or discussion event, where both works in progress and finished pieces are shown. Each year a catalogue is published in English and Spanish that collects the documentation, texts and testimonies of the programme’s participants and critical contributors.

A publication featuring Batiscafo's residencies and events is available from the bookshop.