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Breda Beban is an artist and a creative producer whose work is the one of genre crossover, using fiction and documentary, single screen film and installation. Focusing on what is strongly felt on the edges of bigger stories about politics, geography and love Beban’s productions discover contradictions triggered by instability of knowledge and dislocation of power.

Serbian born, Beban lives and works in London and Sheffiled. Her work is distributed internationally including exhibitions at the Venice Biennial, Museum of Modern Art in New York, National Museum Reina Sofia in Madrid, National Film Theatre and Tate Britain in London.

At El Basilisco, Breda Beban began a series of re-enactments of Argentinian artist Alberto Greco's ‘Arte Vivo’ performances conducted in the 1960s. Beban's 'Arte Vivo' project is an ongoing photographic series and a film project.

About El Basilisco
El Basilisco is a visual artists’ residency programme based in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is coordinated by a group of artists looking to broaden possibilities for national, regional and international cultural exchange. El Basilisco brings artists from Argentina and from abroad together to participate in an intensive period of production. This includes a series of events to facilitate interaction with artist peers from the local scene, students and general public.


El Basilisco