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David Blandy spent his stay in Rosario making videos, performances and sketching a comic that synthesises the current Argentinean social and economic context. 

During the residency, David Blandy explored issues of racial and national identity, especially in relation to the post-colonial/imperial condition. Blandy created performances such as I’m Black and I’m Proud and English Gaucho, which he then developed into a video and a comic respectively.

Blandy also had the opportunity to make contacts with the Rosarian artistic community. He was involved in talks and social events with the El Levante Group and connected people. He was able to build up strong ties with various artists from other artistic centres in Argentina such as Cordoba, Tucumán and Buenos Aires. Thanks to his residency, David Blandy’s work is now part of the Museo Castagnino collection.

I’m Black and I’m Proud was later presented as a performance at Gasworks as part of the two-person show REPRESENT with Blandy and Saskia Holmkvist in April 2006.

About El Levante El Levante is an artist-run exhibition and residency space situated in Rosario, Argentina. Run by artists Mauro Machado and Graciela Carnevale, the El Levante Gallery has now been running since 2003, and in 2005 it began to facilitate international artist residency programmes.


Blandy's comic El Inglés en Argentina, produced during his residency, is included in the publication The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim available from the bookshop.