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Emma Smith, Banquet, 2008

Emma Smith, Banquet, 2008

Emma Smith, Rowing Expedition, 2008

Emma Smith's practice stems from an interest in the relationship between landscape and human behaviour. She explores different social phenomena and the way in which historical legacies impact on contemporary use of space, a practice that is research and production based and responds to site specific issues.

In Journey (2007), Smith investigated the idea of travel as social interaction and journeying as one of identifying with and connecting to location challenging the notion of ‘coincidental’ connections to place. She took a circular journey around the county of Essex travelling entirely by public transport and with the aim of meeting as many people as possible on route to establish the frequency of commonality. This work resulted in a museum installation that inserted her personal history into the archived history of the county.

For her residency, Smith will explore the connection between land forms and human spiritual activity. With an interest in the notion of sacred ground and the development of myth and spiritual attachments to particular sites she intends to research specific religious festivals that take place in Mauritius, such as the Hindu festival of Shivarati and the annual pilgrimage to Ganga Taoa.


Emma Smith lives and works in London. A graduate of Goldsmiths College, she has exhibited widely, is a freelance art educator and is the co-director of Delta Arts: Participatory Studio Collective. Selected exhibitions include; A Brief Exploration of Time, Camden Arts Centre (2006); Creative Connections (2007) and In Their Own Words (2008), Whitechapel Gallery and Journey, a touring exhibition around museums in Essex (2007).

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