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David (left) in front of his work

Poster for the exhibition Suave Death

Enrico David and Bonnie Camplin joined Cuban artists Analía Amaya and Humberto Díaz in November 2005, based at the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes, San Alejandro.

Nourished by the glamorous, sweetened, cosmetic and frivolous visual universe of fashion, the work of Enrico David turns the senses upside down and leads the gaze towards a trascendental and fragile spectacle. Such exaggerated artificiality empties of meaning the discourse of simulacra, whilst defending the richness of superfluousness. The artist straddles the border between what can potentially be considered fine art or craftsmanship. The complexity and incoherence of the outside world, the lack of distinction between what is real and what is simulated, appear as ideas in his large-scale works where the image is created with exquisite hand embroidery. This time, 'Bubble Protest' reflects on his personal experience with an act of absolute spontaneity, and shows from the outside a view to its inner poetics. (From the 2005 Batiscafo catalogue essay by Chaliang Merino)

About Batiscafo
Batiscafo is an independent artistic project that develops a programme of one-month residencies with the objective of stimulating dialogue between visiting and Cuban artists. Launched in 2002, the programme of residencies intends to provide local artists with the opportunity to meet and to work alongside its international guests.

Each residency ends with an exhibition or discussion event, where both works-in-progress and finished pieces are shown. Each year a catalogue is published in English and Spanish that collects the documentation, texts and testimonies of the programme’s participants and critical contributors.

A publication featuring Proyecto Batiscafo's residencies and activities is available from the bookshop.


Proyecto Batiscafo