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a haunting, a wake of sorts (2019) for Boundary + Gesture at Wysing Arts Centre (2019), Wilf Speller

Ruttier for the Absent (2019) pictured on the cusp of the Mediterranean Sea for Curva Blu residency, Ilaria Orsini

Fugitive of the State(less) (2019) for Fugitive of the State(less) [solo] at VEDA Firenze, Jacopo Menzani

Between February and March 2020 UK-based artist Dominique White travelled to Sagrada Mercancía in Chile as part of the Triangle Network fellowship.

Dominique White weaves together the theories of Black Subjectivity, Afro-pessimism and Afro-futurism with the nautical myths of Black Diaspora into a term she defines as the Shipwreck(ed); a reflexive verb and state of being. Her sculptures demonstrate how Black life could extend beyond its own subjective limits and act as beacons or vessels of an ignored civilisation defined as the Stateless; a realm in which the past, present and future have converged into a Black Future. 

Recent solo and duo presentations include:  Abandon(ed) Vessel [solo] at KevinSpace (Vienna 2019), Paris Internationale [duo] (Paris 2019), Art-O-Rama (Marseille 2019) [solo] [winner of the Roger Pailhas prize], Fugitive of the State(less) [solo] VEDA Firenze (Florence 2019).


Dominique had proposed researching a thread of her speculative research titled the Shipwreck(ed) whilst in Chile, exploring resistance, Hydrarchy and the creation of new narratives whilst specifically referencing imagery relating to historical nautical battles, protest and war flags designed for boats.

This was her first experience travelling and working in Latin America, and she spent the first ten days roaming the streets, markets and museums of Santiago de Chile, Quintay and Valparaíso to explore and collect references. Dominique began working on a series of sketches depicting interventions that she ultimately wished to translate into an amalgamation of iron, sails, nets and clay that she has started to source with the support of Sagrada Mercancía. She was starting discussions to, first of all, develop the metalwork in a workshop, but also to plan how these interventions could manifest in the city and along the coastline before being interrupted by the enforcement of quarantine in Santiago at the end of her third week.


Sagrada Mercancía is an independent artist-run space located in downtown Santiago, Chile. Since 2014, they have organised international residencies, curated exhibitions and events. Their mission is to instigate critical thinking around contemporary art exhibitions through a space that functions as an alternative to commercial galleries and other art institutions in Chile. Through its programmes, Sagrada Mercancía aims to create and access networks between local artists, curators and the public, to disseminate their activities and join critical conversations on contemporary art across Latin America and beyond.

Please visit their website for more information.