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Between 6 March and 8 May 2017 Joanna Helfer undertook at Triangle Fellowship at Alice Yard, Trinidad.

Joanna was selected as part of the Transatlantic Artists' Residency Exchange (TAARE) programme initiated by the British Council Caribbean working in collaboration with Delfina Foundation, Gasworks, Autograph ABP and Hospitalfield Arts; and Caribbean partners: NLS Kingston in Jamaica and Alice Yard in Trinidad. The aim of TAARE is to focus on artistic exchanges between UK, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. The residency is for visual artists, art critics and curators who want to make new transatlantic links, build on existing connections or to explore the further developments of their practice. 

During her time at Alice Yard, Joanna wrote a weekly journal documenting her exploration of Trinidad and her work in progress. Please visit her blog on the Alice Yard website.


About Joanna Helfer
Having graduated with a BA (hons) in Time Based Art and Digital Film in 2009, the past 8 years of Joanna Helfer 's professional work have primarily consisted of setting up and facilitating community arts initiatives in Dundee. These include Tin Roof - an artists’ collective serving the creative community of the city by providing collaborative opportunities, resources and space to make work, and Hot Chocolate Trust - a youth work charity working with marginalised young people. Alongside this Joanna's personal practice as a multidisciplinary artist comprises of filmmaking, photography, performance, sound art, printmaking and installation. She combines themes found in my community work with my personal practice, particularly in trying to uncover hidden or suppressed histories of people and places through performative exploration and creating relationship-based interactive experiences. 

About Alice Yard
Alice Yard has been hosting artists, curators, and other creative practitioners since 2008. Alice Yard is a non-profit space for creative experiment, collaboration, and improvisation, developing a network of collaborators, and experience the contemporary art scene in Port of Spain.