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About Louis Henderson
Louis Henderson works across film, writing, research and discursive practice. An overarching interest lies in the essay and its multiple manifestations; film, text, lecture. Through working with processes such as collaboration and co-learning, Henderson forms conversations, creates discursive situations and investigates networked links between colonialism, technology, capitalism and history.

Working towards an 'archaeological cinema', Henderson is specifically interested in the political problems that accompany the institutional archive. Linking the institutional archive to the digital space of the internet, which in itself acts as an archival site, Henderson explores the the internet as a space in which capitalism and forms of social control can be resisted.

HANGAR is an art centre located in Graça, Lisbon. HANGAR includes a space for exhibitions and live-work spaces for artists and curators. HANGAR is an independent, non-profit space run by artists and curators. It is a place for experimentation, research and reflection on artistic practices. HANGAR aims to be a place that brings together artists, researchers and other artistic initiatives, encouraging discussions and stimulating experimental artistic and critical approaches instigated by shared knowledge and experience.