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Michela Valsania’s practice centres around a visual response to her surroundings. Interested in exploring culture and daily activities Michela creates installations that generate a dialogue between people from different countries, presenting and connecting them to each other. Her recent body of work presents a more collaborative approach, inviting people to take part in the artistic process: sharing ideas, experiences and skills. During her residency at Greatmore Studios in South Africa, Michela plans to work with the local community to explore the cultural identity of Cape Town’s residents. Participants will be invited to Michela’s studio to create a series of installations using objects, images and other materials in order to visualize their ideas.

Greatmore Studios is a base for artists with a long history of collaborative arts practices, social innovation and outreach projects. They have over twelve years of successful local and international experience in working, developing opportunities and networking with arts practitioners from broad socio-cultural backgrounds. These interactions extend beyond formal arts institutions to non-tertiary trained artists from underprivileged backgrounds in Cape Town, some of whom have gone on to sustain highly successful artistic careers. Greatmore Studios Trust runs a Resident Artists Program and a Visiting Artists Program in 12 onsite studios. A Digital Arts Facility, a growing Outreach Program, Workshops in arts techniques, Panel Discussions, Presentations and an Event Space are open to all artists.