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Francesco Pedraglio, Pajaro/Piedra (one day you'll find this beautiful). Performance Documentation, Cari Hand gallery, 2013.

Francesco Pedraglio, Verging on the absurd 'Mmmhhh... Ooohhh', video (4 minutes in loop), rope, cement, 2013.

Francesco Pedraglio, Pajaro/Piedra (one day you'll find this beautiful), performance documentation, Cari Hand gallery, ...

Francesco Pedraglio is an artist, writer and co-founder of FormContent. Through short-stories, performances, videos and installations, his work employs the mechanics of storytelling to reflect on the intricate relationship between the construction of subjectivity and the perception of objects.

During his residency Peraglio collaborated with local artists and scripted a video titled ‘Seriously now... laugh!’ exploring the relationship between storytelling and objecthood. Peraglio also developed a live performance, which took place within the film set.

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Francesco Pedraglio