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Gordon Cheung took part in a residency alongside Afshar Malik and Roohi Ahmed from Pakistan; Hema Upadhyay from India; and Liew Kwai Fei from Malaysia.

Cheung writes of his Fellowship:
… I thought to myself what have I done by coming here? However, when I settled into the shared flat with the other four resident artists from different parts of the world I began to really enjoy the experience. The majority of the first four weeks were spent in the studio making work and exploring the city with almost every other night going to a party, an event or having an artist slide talk. […]

Drawing upon the visual inspirations around I took the opportunity to explore directions with my work I otherwise wouldn't have. In response to the hand-craft tradition in the vibrant bazaars I created a part-painted sculpture from objects, assembling together an assortment of colourful fabrics, glitter, furniture and figurines. I also made paintings using found collage and brought with me from London an installation piece of 100 portraits of billionaires, which was completed by collaborating with one of the other resident artists by drawing on their faces with gold glitter. Altogether they worked around the notion of creating a separate identity and mythology, ideas of home and displacement and world orders. Interspersed throughout the residency I gave talks about work and ran group critical workshops in art schools.

The residency culminated in an Open Studio at the Rangoonwala Centre, and an exhibition at VM Gallery from 10th to 13th September. The opening night was attended by hundreds of people, TV film crews and critics.


About Vasl Based in Lahore, Vasl is a platform for contemporary Pakistani art and artists, committed to creating spaces for exchange through residencies and workshops.