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Helen Barff has been selected to take part in a residency exchange project as part of Africa Beyond, the organisation for the promotion of African culture in the UK. The exchange will be reciprocated in April by three selected artists from Africa coming to Gasworks International Residency Programme.

'Together [the objects I work with] become anthropomorphic metaphors that present a philosophical position on human presence. Objects include a piano, a car, and a collection of stones or things that float. The process I use come out of a 'blind gap' inherent in drawing. [...] The interaction between weight and weightlessness has become central in my processes. Gravity is another form of contact between masses or bodies. It is a force of attraction that endeavours to remove the space between things. To touch is to attempt to locate. But it is blind, in substitution for vision, implying disorientation. ' - Helen Barff

About Greatmore Studios
Greatmore Studios were set up in 1998 in Woodstock, Cape Town, in collaboration with Triangle Arts Trust and Professor Isky Gordon. Greatmore has 13 studios, eight of which are leased to mid-career artists from a cross section of Cape Town communities. Two of them are for visiting artists on three month residencies from other parts of South Africa, and abroad. All resident and visiting artists take part in a variety of outreach programmes involving local communities.


Helen Barff

Greatmore Studios