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The International Artists workshop was a project developed by Xerem (now Hangar) in partnership with Triangle Network (TN), coordinated by Jorge Roca and Mónica de Miranda. 

Titled “Home and abroad”, the workshop aims to create a space where artists can experience and experiment with new ideas, and be inspired and challenged by each other’s creative processes.

The workshop follows the model of the TN and consists of bringing together a group of 20 local and international artists to work together for a period of approximately two weeks. To artists we provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and work collaboratively and is also developed a program of artists presentations, events that culminate with the Open Day.
The workshop aims to facilitate artists’ networking, to support the production of new and experimental work and to promote cultural exchange through the dissemination of creative ideas and connections with the public.

The first edition of the workshop was held in Sintra, having as the underlying theme the subject of globalisation and the relationship between identity and cultural heritage and pretendig to explore issues including local and global realities, looking at how the experience of travelling (be this from the point of view of Diaspora communities but also through nomadic travels or tourism , etc.) can inform our perceptions of identity, culture and nation. The result of the workshop was presented on the Open Day where other artists, cultural institutions and students were invited to meet the Monte dos Ciprestes which hosted the workshop that emerged from the creative processes of the workshop and from the collaborative experiences among the participating artists.

Particpant artists: Ana Maria Millán (Colombia) * Alex da Silva (Cap Verde) * Beatriz Albuquerque (Portugal) * Bernard Akoi-Jackson (Ghana) * Binu Bashkar (India/ Australia/ United Arab Emirates) * Carlos Mélo (Brazil) * Cristina Ataide (Portugal) * Daniel Melim (Portugal) * Gayle Chong Kwan (Scotland/ China/ Mauritius) * Gemuce (Mozambique) * Hindhyra (Angola) * Isabel Lima (Portugal) * Rachel Korman (Portugal/Brazil) * Rémi Bragard (França) * Sara e André (Portugal) * Salomé Lamas (Portugal) * Susana Guardado (Portugal) * Teodolinda Semedo (Portugal) * Tiago Borges (Portugal) * Yara El-Sherbini (United Kingdom/Egypt)