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Originally from the Basque region of South-West France and trained as a classical musician, Isa Suarez is a composer, a sound artist, a songwriter and a performer.

Suarez has released various albums and compilations while composing music for theatre and dance. She has collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Transglobal Underground, Test Department, The Revolutionary Dub Warriors and Charles Hayward. Since 1997, she has been composing for film in the UK and worldwide.

In 2001 she started making her own sound installations exhibited in London's major public galleries. As a sound artist her works draw inspiration from everyday life and uses sound as a way of expressing social and political issues, or suggesting feelings and atmospheres. Often involving other groups or communities, Suarez traverses the histories of transmission and freedom of expression within diverse recording methods. Music and performance form a crucial part of her sound art work.

About Greatmore Studios
Greatmore Studios were set up in 1998 in Woodstock, Cape Town, in collaboration with Triangle Arts Trust and Professor Isky Gordon. Greatmore has 13 studios, eight of which are leased to mid-career artists from a cross section of Cape Town communities. Two of them are for visiting artists on three month residencies from other parts of South Africa, and abroad. All resident and visiting artists take part in a variety of outreach programmes involving local communities.


Isa Suarez

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