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Various poster collages in Gili's studio

Poster collage displayed in the street.

During the residency Gili created the music event This is BSAS, in which he invited 20 Buenos Aires bands to perform one line each from the song This is England by The Clash. He also collaborated with local artist Marco Bainella, creating Siembra (Harvest), a series of pictures of a performance where they planted seeds on the riverside of the very polluted river and a video record showing shots of the artists’ faces reflected in the dirty waters, looking down from an old bridge. Gili also created Fuente Avellaneda, a font for PC or Mac. It was made entirely from images of graffiti from Avellaneda, which originally referenced rock bands, political expression and love messages.

Another project was a series of posters printed in Quilmes, in one of the five remaining typographic printers around Buenos Aires. The resulting posters deal with ego, collage and repetition on paper, and they come in two colours: yellow or light blue/white. They were posted in various spots around Avellaneda.

About El Basilisco 
El Basilisco is a visual artists’ residency programme based in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is coordinated by a group of artists looking to broaden possibilities for national, regional and international cultural exchange. El Basilisco brings artists from Argentina and from abroad together to participate in an intensive period of production. This includes a series of events to facilitate interaction with artist peers from the local scene, students and the general public.


El Basilisco