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'Land Formation', unfired clay.

Jasone Miranda-Bilbao's practice consists of sculpture, photography and video. Her work involves the overlapping of different perspectives in order to question the relation between fixed image and fluid experience. In the work, time seems to slow down toward an intense yet expansive experience of the present that opens up a different level of space. This spatio-temporal fluidity seems to come from the same core interests as Jasone's approach to
operating in the world generally. During the last few years she has spent periods of time travelling while working, adding to the work an element of involvement and detachment that is very specific.

Bilbao is currently spending eight weeks at the Bag Factory as part of its international residency programme, researching and developing new work in preparation for a culminating exhibition.

About the Bag Factory
The Bag Factory is a non-profit organisation promoting the visual arts through a broad range
of activities. Both emerging and established artists rent affordable studios in a cultural
environment that encourages diversity and cross-fertilisation of ideas and practice. The Bag
Factory is a converted factory with approximately 20 studios, two residency studios, a
public gallery and workshop spaces.