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During the Khoj residency Harrison worked on two main projects. The first, Family Naan, involved the making of an Indian flatbread made to the same dimensions as the chatai (large patterned cloth) found in the studio on his arrival. The firing of the bread was made according to the patterns of the cloth. The Open Studio event continued the work by inviting visitors to eat the naan.

The second project, 100 Bulbs for 100 People was a site-specific work in which a lightbulb was painted and chosen as a gift to be installed in the owner's house. Recipients were asked to take a photograph of the bulb in situ and send it to Harrison in England.

About KHOJ
KHOJ International Artists’ Association is an autonomous artist led initiative set up in 1997. KHOJ is perhaps the only consistent artist led, alternative forum for experimentation and international exchange, outside of institutional frameworks, for the visual arts in India. It provides a forum for the development of professional artists, a place where they can meet, discuss and upgrade their skills on their own terms.