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About Ludovica Carbotta
Ludovica Carbotta
is an artist whose practice focuses on the physical exploration of the urban space and on how individuals establish connections with the environment they inhabit. Hovering on the boundaries between reality and fiction, recent works combine installations, texts and performances reflecting around the notion of site, identity and participation. Specifically she is exploring what she calls fictional site specificity, a form of site-oriented practice that considers imaginary places or embodies real places with fictional contexts, recovering the role of imagination as a value to construct our knowledge. Carbotta has recently completed a MFA at Goldsmiths University in London. She recently participated in the project ON, in the public space of Bologna and in the exhibition Art Situacions at Matadero, Madrid. She is a finalist for the 2016 Premio MAXXI.

About Kiosko Galeria
Kiosko Galeria  
is an independent artist led space, established in 2006, seeking to disseminate and promote contemporary art in Santa Cruz. They operate, as a space and platform for both national and international art, design and editorial work through their International Residency Programme for artists and curators (the first of its kind in Bolivia).