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Marco Godoy, Devaluing an Image, 2012.

Marco Godoy, What we still have to talk about, 2013.

Marco Godoy, De lo que no hemos hablado aún / What we still have to talk about. Cast of the wall of a church in Barcelona, still scarred by shots and shrapnel of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). Resin. 2x3 meters, 2013.

Marco Godoy, Claiming the Echo. HD, 16:9, 5:25 min, 2012.

London-based artist Marco Godoy will be taking up residence at Kiosko, Bolivia. Godoy’s practice searches for ways to perform disagreement, using exhibition spaces as platforms for actions and activities that link with specific social and political events in both the past and present. He is interested in how authority is visually constructed by those who exercise power, and looks for ways to confront it. To do so, Godoy studies the scenography used by power structures and responds with alternative images and narratives that manifest through his videos, sculptures and performances. Alongside the residency Marco Godoy took part in Abubuya, the artists' workshop organised by Kiosko in 2014. To find out more about the work he made during the workshop see the workshop's video


Kiosko Galeria  is an independent artist led space, established in 2006, seeking to disseminate and promote contemporary art in Santa Cruz. They operate, as a space and platform for both national and international art, design and editorial work through their International Residency Programme for artists and curators (the first of its kind in Bolivia).