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Mark Aerial Waller is currently developing an ongoing project based on research undertaken during the fellowship. About his practice he has provided the following statement:

Mark Aerial Waller produces interdisciplinary, cinematic time travelogues that refute any predictable balance between our romance for the ancient past and our fetish for a streamlined future. By jamming multiple time streams and technical formats he stages elliptical, psychological landscapes in which fantasy and documentary become almost interchangeable.

Waller’s projects include Glow boys (1999), which examines the role of the nuclear power plant and surrounding environs as both a non-site and agent of seismic economic and cultural change; Superpower-Dakar Chapter (2004), where Dakar’s African Modernist cityscape and urban development zones are a backdrop to a science fiction scenario.

He compliments his film work with The Wayward Canon. An itinerant site specific micro-salon for critical engagement and re-representation of cinema, The Wayward Canon adopts the mechanics of a performance or happening.

Waller is currently completing a large scale project filmed in Warsaw and Istanbul, derived from the post Trojan war play by Aescylus, 'The Orestia' .

About the Far People Project
The Far People Project is a long-term artistic research project initiated by artist and academic based at the University of Xi’an, Yue Luping. Consisting of a series of residency and exhibition projects, the residency aims to promote international artistic exchange and dialogue in the city of Xi’an, as well as providing opportunities to develop new work.



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