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Sculptor Matt Franks spent six weeks in residence at Kuona Trust, based at the GoDown Studios in Nairobi, Kenya. He introduced his work by means of a slide show creating an opportunity for local artists to interact with Franks in a formal yet friendly forum.

Franks worked on drawings which outlined his plan to use a large oblong piece of Styrofoam that was made into a large sculpture for the Open Day event. Franks also worked alongside local graphic artist, Xhuuma Maseeti, combining their ideas to create works influenced by Maseeti’s graffiti, airbrushed style. Franks' residency was prominently featured in the Kenya Television Networks art magazine programme, Art Scene.

Residency coordinator Judy Ogana writes of Franks' Fellowship:
As soon as he left several young artists tried their hand in the ‘new’ sculpture medium [Styrofoam], and, for the first time as a direct result, there were several Styrofoam pieces submitted during this year’s Arts festival at the National Museum of Kenya.

About Kuona Trust
Kuona Trust is a not-for-profit organisation set up to research, support and promote contemporary visual art in Kenya and East Africa. The Trust does this by nurturing local talent through international exchange, workshops, residency programmes, exhibitions and innovative outreach projects. Kuona's mission is to generate greater public appreciation of visual arts by advancing skills and opportunities for artists and strengthening local audiences.
Kuona Trust was established in 1995 at the National Museums of Kenya grounds in Nairobi and is currently housed at the GoDown Arts Centre, Dunga Road Industrial area.


Kuona Trust