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Mia Fernandes took part in a residency alongside London-based artist Marta Marce. The fellowship was aimed at giving artists an uninterrupted opportunity to work in a stimulating context as well as the opportunity of making contacts that have given the artists newer perspectives on their art making. Fernandes also had the chance to witness various contemporary Chinese practices and discuss them with different artists and students.

The artists developed separate bodies of work, Fernandes working in a number of media. She created drawings of cages involving ink painting and origami, as well as making ceramic birds that formed installations and series. These were presented alongside a sculpture entitled Two of a Kind. This work was exhibited at the end of the residency in the show entitled Shuttlecock. For the opening, the artists presented a joint performance work linking themes within both of their practices.

About Upriver Loft
Upriver Loft, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China was set up in 2001 by Ye Yong Qing and Zhang Xiaogang. It is a studio building and a gallery comprising 20 artists’ studios and a 2000 sq ft exhibition space. Upriver Loft promotes discussions and exchanges between local and international artists through a programme of residencies and exhibitions.