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Murray Royston-Ward, Memory Project, 2014. Realisation of visual score composed in response to Marvin Gaye Chetwynd’s exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary as part of their ‘Memory’ project and permanent collection.

Murray Royston-Ward, Contact Mics Uganda, 2013. A two day contact mic and field recording workshop ran in the Katwe slums of Nsambya in Kampala, Uganda during December 2013.

Murray Royston-Ward  graduated with an ARHC funded Masters in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University in 2014. His methodology is founded within improvised ‘musicking’ and socially engaged arts practices. By purposefully erasing any distinction between the creation, design, use and appreciation of audio technologies (whether they be electronic, organic, synthetic, ancient, modern etc.) he seeks to expand the rubric of improvised music practice and engage in collaborative meaning making.


Britto Arts Trust is an independent, artist- led organisation in Dhaka. As the first of its kind in Bangladesh, Britto has become an important non-institutional platform for artists, encouraging experimentation and the development of new ideas as well as promoting contemporary art within the local community. Britto’s main objective is to facilitate dialogue and exchange opportunities for artists, to encourage the development of high quality art work and to create a platform for critical discourse and interaction between Bangladeshi and international artists. Britto’s activities include international workshops, artist and student residencies, public art projects, as well as on-site exhibitions and events.