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During the residency, Nick Turvey will be developing new work. The study of syntax in nature is at the core of Turvey’s practice, and questions of the relationship between the organization of physical matter and consciousness. Whether consciousness evolved from self-organising molecules, or whether the unfolding of pure consciousness creates the material world, there are processes and patterns common to both. His investigation of this deep order, with its rhythms and structures, possesses something of the spirit of scientific inquiry, but generates knowledge in the form of lived, sensory experience. Using a variety of media including sculpture and video, he draws on his background in architecture to transform urban space with erruptions of musically ordered complexity, opportunities for daydreaming and playful interaction that reconnect us to the tangible world.

At Khoj, Nick Turvey continued his research into the relationship between art and science. Through discussions with physicists and well known scientists in Delhi he explored topics of photonics, entanglement and string theory.

About KHOJ
KHOJ International Artists’ Association is an autonomous artist led initiative set up in 1997. KHOJ is perhaps the only consistent artist led, alternative forum for experimentation and international exchange, outside of institutional frameworks, for the visual arts in India. It provides a forum for the development of professional artists, a place where they can meet, discuss and upgrade their skills on their own terms.


Nick Turvey